wearing unfit and un standard shoes can harm your feet and backbone, so the style and the model are not the only factors to look for when buying shoes. pay attention to the heels and try to choose a heel that it’s shape and arch suits your body
-which kind of heels are better for tall women?
if you’re a tall person you don’t need to wear high heels, but if you’re interested you can try all forms of heels, but don’t forget that the height of the heel should not be more than 5cm. if you’re tall and thin square heels and platform heels are suitable for you but if you’re tall and overweight use thin heels that make your figure look slimmer.
-which kind of heels are better for short women?
if you’re shorter than 160cm you can choose any type of shoes and heels, the higher the heels, the more elongated your body will look. if you’re overweight and short try not to choose shoes with 2 or 3 cm heels.
-celebrities who are short ( height less than 160cm)
Ariana Grande
Ellen Page
Lady Gaga
Vanessa Hudgens
these celebrities are about one meter and fifty cm tall but they look taller due to wearing high heels.
-which kind of heels are suitable for women with boyish body?
if you have a boyish body you can even wear 12 cm heels but if you don’t want to look too feminine, wear shoes with comfortable heels that give you a little feminine elegance, shoes with square heels and ballet shoes with heels. but never wear platform shoes.
-which kind of heels are better for overweight women?
women who are overweight should be careful while choosing heels. high and needle heels are the best choices for these people because it can help their figure look slimmer. also high heels sandals and straight heels are suitable for them. don’t forget that you need to find a heel which helps you look thinner so never use short heels and platform heels.

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